Updating xp corporate stripped

28-Oct-2017 18:51

As I want to be known as a white hat I had to wait for this to happen before I blog this.There is a small but CRAZY bug in the way the "Feature Update" (previously known as "Upgrade") is installed.This also involves less work in mainatining the image as any work only needs to be done once and not x-times per different type of hardware.Second, most virtual machine software (I’m not sure about Virtual Box) have the ability to save a VM’s state, and revert back to that state, should it become necessary.This is offered by Microsoft System Center (SCCM) along with the Deployment Toolkit (MDT).Many shops do not operate that way, and have some level of interaction required during the imaging process.Just when you thought you wouldn’t see another version of Internet Explorer this side of the next ice age, Microsoft hits the world with a totally new release of its almighty browsing app.

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What does it exactly mean that they are ending support for the platform?

IE has also finally decided to support tabbed browsing.