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The craftsmanship of musical-making overall is in short supply here, typified by the show’s ending, which is telegraphed in the broadest strokes and presented with little elegance, robbing the moment of its sweet surprise.Lippa’s music is often pleasant, with “Hands,” “I Do What I Do” and “You Are The Friend” the best tunes.Is there a word to describe a pop score so nondescript that it sounds as if a computer program had drawn from an archive of early 1990s songs that never made it onto the charts?PHOTOS: Arts and culture in pictures by The Times To tally the clichés of Forman's lyrics would be as tedious as counting grains of sand.Awash in music, "Sleepless in Seattle," Nora Ephron's 1993 film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, almost makes sense as a stage musical.That is, until you start considering who could compose a score to compete with a soundtrack that includes "As Time Goes By," "Make Someone Happy" and "Stand by Your Man."Stephen Sondheim, a canny fellow, evidently wasn't interested.Sam and Annie are kept apart until the final scene at the Empire State Building, where, in a homage to "An Affair to Remember," they are united as only movie characters can be. The main reason Sam, an architect who lives in Seattle, and Annie, a journalist who lives in Baltimore, should be together is that they are played by Hanks and Ryan, who are required by the rules of the cinematic universe to pair off on screen.

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Jimmy’s talent for drawing — nicely presented with projections by Daniel Brodie and Feiffer — is not appreciated by his dad (Danny Binstock) who wishes he had a son more interested in sports than wasting his time creating superheroes.The answer can be found in writers James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante's endearing and emotionally naked characterizations, owing much to the original interviews, as well as to Edward Kleben's lyrics, combined with Marvin Hamlisch's jazzy melodies.