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In der Methode parse wird ein nichtvalidierender DOM-Parser instantiert, und zwar mit: ist.

Ein Object vom Typ Document enhält das gesamte XML-Dokument, also auch die DTD und alle Kommentare etc, die AUßERHALB des Root-Elementes stehen.

Start Element(XMLValidat at org.apache.xerces.framework. XMLDocument Element(XMLDocument Scanne at org.apache.xerces.framework. XMLDocument Scanner$Content Dispatcher.dispatch(XM LDocument at org.apache.xerces.framework. XMLParser.parse( at com.wrappers. Non Validating DOMParser.parse(Non Validating DOMParser .java:103) at com.synergy.rules.

XMLDocument Scanner.parse Some(XMLDocument Scanner. Rule Document( at SLoad Rules Frame Work.


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You can set this in the System Control Panel applet in Windows NT or in your AUTOEXEC. Again, replace the directory if you have installed XML4J in a different directory.

Your name "madhava g" does not comply with the Java Ranch naming policy.

This week I try to get Rich Text Item as XML Document or to transform it with XSL to HTML. XMLParser.handle Error( at xml.framework. XMLParser.error( at xml.internal. Default Error(Default at xml.internal. Default Prolog(Default at xml.internal. Default Document(Default at xml.framework. XMLParser.parse( at xml.parsers. Non Validating DOMParser.parse(Non Validating :1069) at lotus.domino. XSL Error: SAX Exception Invalid document structure. XSLTEngine Impl.error(XSLTEngine at org.apache. XSLTEngine Source Tree From Input(XSLTEngine Impl.j ava:799) at org.apache.

By the way you could use xerces(originally XML4J of IBM, IBM had donated this to APACHE.) from apache. So I guess changing it is worth the trouble Thanks!

Non Validating DOMParser.parse(Non Validating Can anyone help me explain why i get this exception. Thanks, Aarthy Hi, Unless you post your XML file,i don't think so one would be able to help you much. Please spare a moment and re-register with a name that meets the requirements. Please note that without a name that complies with the Javaranch naming policy, you will not qualify for any giveaways. To be more exact I think the error comes when we execute the "parser.parse(insource);" statement of the above said method.