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06-Nov-2017 11:42

The Editor Control can be used for data input in any other Windows Forms controls, including Grid View control, Scheduler control, Combobox control, and Tree View control.The Text Box of Kettic Editor Control for Windows Forms is not only an alternative skin control to the standard Windows Forms text box control, but also provides various enhanced properties to store prompt information if no entry available.It keeps adding code like this to the Windows Code section in the form: Me. - Don "Cor Ligthert" Is there any way to detect when an item has been added to the Itemscollection of a combobox or listbox? The point of this arrangement was to create multiple custom comboboxes, one for each of several custom Enums I have made for my project.I am inheriting a Combobox and wanttovalidate items before they are added to the combobox, but I can't findanything that will let me do that. (Or, at least, the parts that really count) It might be a bug in your implementation that's causing the designer to add that line of code (but I doubt it). Then again, I've never subclassed a combo box before :) Okay, here's how it works. The comboboxes actually display the Enum names with spaces inserted before each capital letter, or something like that, and have an option to display a blank item. The second argument, a boolean, tells the Populate() method to insert a blank line.By using this control, it will look up and select data from multiple columns lists seamlessly.When users need to input free form data, they just need enable the function of the free form data input of the Text Box and the filtering mode will be triggered.The precise definition of the validation rules will of course vary from one application to the next, and particularly on the type of data that is being input to the program.Database management systems such as Oracle or Microsoft Access invariably provide extensive facilities for creating data validation rules.

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If you don’t specify a source explicitly by setting the Source property of the binding, it will inherit the Data Context from its parent element to use as its source.is the process of ensuring, at least as far as is possible, that the data given to a program by a user or from a file (essentially, the program's input) is of the correct type and in the correct format.Although the programmer will obviously take every precaution to ensure the correct operation of the program, and will attempt to eliminate bugs that could cause a problem through a rigorous process of testing, they have no real control over mistakes made by the user during data entry.In a MVVM WPF application, the view model acts as the window’s Data Context: This means that that all controls inside the window will inherit its Data Context unless some parent element of a control overrides this by setting its own Data Context property.

Besides inheriting and setting the Data Context property on an element directly you can also specify a binding source using the Element Name property, used when you want to bind to some other element, or the Relative Source property.

The latter can for example be very useful for bindings in Styles and Control Templates and when you want to bind to some property in a parent element.

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