Canoodle dating login

27-Jul-2017 05:34

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“Our site essentially does the small talk for you, and makes the chore of writing a traditional dating profile – which can often be an agonizing experience as you try to find the right words – a thing of the past,” said Sean Wood from Cupid.

“We now live in a time where we barely have time to stop and eat, let alone meet and date new people.

“When my sister told me about Canoodle, I honestly thought it would be just another one of those dating websites or an app for hookups, but she was so positive about it that I decided to give it a go.

I downloaded the app on my i Phone right then and there, and believe it or not two days later I had already met three guys! “It was just lovely chatting with all of them, it was very friendly and easy conversation, and while dating is not currently what I’m looking for, it sure is nice to know I can meet people who like the same things I do.

Experts say the more-relaxed attitudes of millennials are exerting a greater influence on corporate culture, and the growing expectation of constant digital contact with the office has blurred the lines between professional and personal.

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But that mentality is becoming as dated as the power suit.

If you’re looking for love it could be as close as a new social dating site called which connects people based on their Facebook interests.

Canoodle uses a unique matching technique which looks at pages you like and the people you follow on Facebook and matches it against people with similar pursuits.

The social dating service, which launched in beta format late last year, is also now officially released today.

Canoodle aims to eliminate a lot of the guesswork that typically exists on traditional online dating sites by mining social media to understand what people like, and then connect them with others whose interests and tastes are similar.One of the most nerve-racking aspects of online dating is writing a profile — you're so consumed with anxiety and the need to be witty that it can be hard to even remember "five things you can't live without." The new dating site Canoodle hopes to ease the burden by matching people up according to things they've "liked" on Facebook."You've got your icebreakers there right away," says Sean Wood, communications director of Cupid, the U.

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