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12-Dec-2017 06:05

Three days into 2017, and an Internet beef between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown has already erupted. There's so much more out there in life then 'twitter beefs.'" Brown responded with several Instagram posts, including a screenshot of a lengthy, capitalized rant, calling Karrueche "2 yrs famous." Things got personal when Brown added, "ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU WAS CHRIS BROWNS GIRL! I F--KED." In a separate Instagram post, Brown redirected his focus to Soulja Boy, offering, "Boy better go to sleep.( no more corny media sh-t...

The "Crank Dat" rapper posted a video on Instagram earlier Tuesday (Jan.

Nicki Minaj just confirmed she's a single woman again. The raptress tweeted minutes ago about focusing on her work instead: We figured something was up when they didn't spend any of the Holidays together. Meek hasn't said anything, and last posted about Nicki while they were on her birthday vacation in Turks and Caicos 3 weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy wasted no time shooting his shot.

Soulja Boy later said singer Teyana Taylor -- who he claimed to be dating at the time -- divulged the news about his newfound friendship with Rihanna to Brown. “Same s--t he doing now with Karrueche, but way back then he wasn’t snorting so much coke."While Soulja Boy has already started his training with Mayweather, rapper 50 Cent claims he enlisted Mike Tyson to serve as Brown's trainer for a boxing match reportedly taking place in March.

This allegedly pushed Brown to get on the phone with Soulja Boy. In a recent Instagram video, 50 called Tyson and recruited him to join them as an ally in efforts to defeat Soulja Boy and company.

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That's exactly what's happening to Soulja whose music video for the song is slated to come August 10.

“And no one would have never knew that, n---a, if he hadn’t come and started tripping about Karrueche. (To note, a quick scroll through Google and You Tube barely yields results about Soulja Boy allegedly dating Rihanna.) According to the rapper, Rihanna befriended him immediately after her assault by Brown.

In 2009, Brown was charged with two felonies and given probation in the wake of his attack on Rihanna on the night before that year's Grammy Awards.

Not only is the song catchy but it also delivers a dance move that will light fire faster than Macarena or even Asereje.

The move is so infectious and widely popular in southern United States that animated icons like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Winnie the Pooh and Barney are kicking it with Soulja style.She the biggest R&B artist and she just got humiliated.