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Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans, is the majority owner of the Cavaliers team. Group that grows every May : ALUMNI An “alumnus” (plural … The term comes into English from Latin, in which alumnus means foster-son or pupil.

alumni) is a graduate or former student of a school or college. “Alum” is an informal term used for either an alumna or an alumnus. Numero su un orologio : TRE In Italian, a “numero su un orologio” (number on a clock) is “tre” (three). Windblown : AEOLIAN Aeolus was the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology, and he gave his name to the adjective “aeolian” (also “aeolic, eolic”) meaning “windblown”, something produced or carried by the wind. Lushes : DIPSOS "Dipsomania" is a craving for alcohol to the point of damaging one's health. "Thanks in old age - thanks ___ I go": Walt Whitman : ERE 8. National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific locale : OAHU 10.

In some cases common words have been omitted, because they were composed of a root word and a prefix, intensive or privative.

Their synonyms and antonyms may be found under the root word.

NEW YORK GEORGE SULLY AND COMPANY Copyright, 1913 BT SULLY AND KLEINTEIC^ All rights reserved IN U. Above five thousand leading words are given, and the synonyms and antonyms comprise several thousand more different words.

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AJ puzzles are a recurring feature nowadays in many publications like The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent.

Each clue is labelled with a letter of the alphabet instead of a numbered slot in the grid.

The answer to each clue begins with that same letter.

A camera-ready document is ready to be imaged and printed. Quicken Loans Arena athlete, for short : CAV The Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland is generally referred to as “The Q”.

Most famously, the facility is home to the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

y SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS An Alphabetical List of Words in Common Use, Grouped with Others of Similar and Opposite Meaning BY EDITH B.