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This helped explain the store’s name: the site previously housed the Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, which had in the meantime relocated to more spacious quarters further east on 38th street.Across 3rd Avenue I spotted what looks to be an old automotive service station, dating from 1931.It always interests me when I see such well-preserved examples of buildings tailored to a particular function: After dutifully going half way across the 38th Street bridge across Interstate 35W, I backtracked to 2nd Avenue, which runs parallel to the freeway on the Bryant side.The western side of this avenue has nothing but the sound wall, but the eastern side is occupied by substantial houses.To take one small but telling example, the bulk spice section did not merely include organic cayenne powder (which would be expected); it contained two different varieties thereof, differing by a factor of three in how hot they are: For another example from that same section, green cardamom was available in three forms: pods, seeds, or powder.(I’m skeptical of pre-ground spices, but this had a good, fresh aroma.)When I left the store, for some reason I turned and looked back at it, which allowed me to spot a sign that I had overlooked on my way in.Bingo has always been one of the most important and valued guest amenities at Palace Station, dating back from its early days more than 40 years ago when the property was simply called Bingo Palace.

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From the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts and its “theatre in the round” to the Hallmark Ornament Museum and its collection of over 5,000 beautiful ornaments, Warsaw is a place for enrichment and exploration.Throughout the weekend there will be complimentary champagne for all bingo players at every session, which run daily at the odd hour from 9 a.m.-11 p.m.