Xkcd acceptable dating ages

26-Dec-2017 08:21

Firstly, I want to throw out that I'm not normally attracted to girls younger than 23.

I think a lot of them lack maturity, and well, it just feels kind of weird lol.

For a quick glimpse from your *nux console, try the following: ISO 8601 addresses many issues, including: Law #2: Accept any timezone Now that you have a tool set with ISO 8601 whereby you can capture relevant timezone offset data, use it! Especially if your API is open to the public, you will unquestionably be dealing with consumers from around the globe.

Do not make any assumptions about what timezone your API users will utilize.

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Be it public, private, or some hybrid thereof, don’t be surprised if your first defect is date/time-related.

These are also the same idiots who are getting into bar fights with other men.