Is katie couric still dating brooks perlin The web became a sexists

15-Nov-2017 11:43

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Sources tell us things have been rocky between the couple for months, and handsome Brooks, 17 years Katie’s junior, is moving out of her Upper East Side home.A friend, speaking on Couric’s behalf, confirmed to us, “They have decided to move on.Couric also led Harper's Bazaar through the realities of being a woman in network news - "With the job I have, it's much easier to pick apart what a woman is wearing" - as well as what it's like to be a single mother.She admits that, at times, she "profoundly" misses having a partner.

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For the past three years, Couric has built a relationship with eco-preneur Brooks Perlin, who's never been married, doesn't have kids and is 17 years her junior.She was careful not to be photographed with him, but they were clearly together.Katie Couric was with the same live-in lover for five years. Not only did she have herself a nice piece, he’s 17 years younger than her. Brooks and Katie met in 2006, and according to sources, once they got together, Katie couldn’t stop bragging about how she bagged a hot young piece."I just hope this is fun," Katie had said brightly on the cusp of starting her new job.

But it wasn't fun, and there was no love lost between her and the CBS powers that be when she left."Just because it's really fun." debuting this month, she's dressed in a peach blouse, a slim white skirt, and very high heels; the famous legs are tanned and as shapely as ever."Johnny Angel, how I love him / He's got something I can't resist..." she croons into the mic.

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