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Xml Schema Exception: May not be nominated as the of any otherdeclaration. --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at XBRLMain Class. Net has trouble deserializing the SOAP message into an object. I've had this happen when there is a namespace mismatch. NET is expecting namespace " B", but namespace & return ((Work Request Status TO)(results[0])); The problem might be System. Correction: the error messages read as follows: =========================================================== Validation ;quot; is not supported by .

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I'll also walk you through some of the different scenarios and ways in which you can validate an XML document with an XSD schema programmatically (see Table 1). NET Framework 2.0 means you can perform XML data validation against a Document Type Definition (DTD) or an XML schema. XSD schema-based validation is the industry-accepted standard and will be the method of XML validation in this article.

You specify the validation settings as well as a Validation Event Handler method using the Xml Reader Settings object. I won't explain how to validate XML data using DTDs because those are not typically used outside legacy applications.

You then perform the validation during the reading and parsing operations of the factory-created Xml Reader object. Validation is the process of enforcing rules on the XML content either through an XSD schema or a DTD or XDR schema.

Being well-formed requires the XML data to be syntactically correct; otherwise, the XML parser will raise an error. It conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML schema standards and recommendations. NET Framework 2.0 classes support the W3C XML schema recommendation.

XML data is valid when the elements and the content of the individual elements in the XML data conform to the declared data types specified in the schema or DTD. NET is handled primarily by the classes present in a handful of namespaces: System. The classes that are commonly employed to validate the XML document are Xml Reader, Xml Reader Settings, Xml Schema Set, and Xml Node Reader.Participants will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including detailed course notes and soft copy of all the programming examples and lab exercises.