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27-Aug-2017 07:47

The internet never sleeps, and the culture that has arisen around its popular use is evolving every second of every day.

Somewhere in that evolution we crossed a very, very weird line.

But ancient humans were “doing it” long before they connected the act of love-making with baby-making. So built into sex are the payoffs that Mother Nature designed to do just that.Mix this with seeing more and more of my younger patients having less libido, enjoyment or powerful orgasms and I realized I had to write this book. B: By intimacy I am not referring only to intercourse.I am also describing a swath of emotions—from bonding by hanging with friends and loved ones, to hugging and cuddling, and then all the way into the bedroom.All of these activities release protective hormones and diverse chemicals that bathe the human immune system, gut, muscles, brain tissue, and other cells with effervescent good health.

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ALG: Dr B: Nature’s intention is that pleasure and connection protect the brain and health of adults.

Caress each other all over and try to find each other’s erogenous spots.

I’ve gone on a few dates with white guys in the last few months, and the same thing always happens.… continue reading »

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