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27-Nov-2017 13:36

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The only workaround is to use the Office clipboard, but I don't want to (uses space on the screen and it's a lot less comfortable than CTRL V) and I don't think I should be forced to use it.Here's a reference to some posts also complaining about this problem: How to make Excel retain the contents of its clipboard Excel 2010 removes data from clipboard, how can I stop it?Any Excel workbook you’ve linked to will have that workbook’s filename in the link with its .xl* file extension (like .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm), so a recommended method is to look for all references to the partial file extension.

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Linking to other workbooks is a very common task in Excel, but sometimes you might find yourself with a workbook that has links you can’t find even though Excel tells you they exist.For example, here is a sub that I found online: Sub Connect Sql Server() Dim conn As ADODB. Recordset Dim s Conn String As String ' Create the connection string. Open Str Query, cnn 'Dumps all the results from the Str Query into cell A2 of the first sheet in the active workbook Sheets(1). Copy From Recordset rst End Sub solid example good explanation.

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